Today I risked my life and Wei's life to get some parts for the Corolla. I had seen a posting on Craigslist where a guy was parting out a 1992 Corolla. The bad news was that it was in Elgin, TX.

Yes, Elgin. Where the cowboys live.

I called the guy in the morning and he said that he was available today if I could make it out to Elgin which is about 35 minutes outside of Austin. Wei was "at home sick" and so I skipped out from the lab around 11am and both of us headed out to Elgin. Now, the worrisome part comes when I asked for directions to this guy's home, ranch, warehouse, whatever it was. He simply said, "Go Highway 290 till Elgin. Take a left at FM95, go down to the Diamond Shamrock and wait for me there." This kinda freaked me out because he just said he'd show up there and pick me up... I of course feared for my life. Elgin is pretty much your stereotypical Texas town. It's pretty much made up of ranches and backroads.

When we got there, I called him and just liked he said he showed up. He was definitely your redneck type, except he showed up in this beat up Honda Accord and tells me to follow him. I dunno what he was thinking, but he starts zipping down these straight, flat roads, leaving me to chase him down. We were going in excess of 100 mph on these roads. Kinda fun, but then there would be some bumps in the road that he would just go over so hazardously. No cowboy's Accord will beat the RSX, so I stayed close to him when we figured out what he was doing. It was actually more fun than Lime Creek.

Anyways, after about 10 minutes of backroads, we end up at this big lot with a mobile home sitting in the middle of it. In the back there are 30-40 cars just lined up. He takes us to the back and just asks us what we need. Then he sat there taking the parts off that we needed. We ended up with three door handles, a spare tire, and a glove compartment latch all for only $20. Door handles are normally $20 each. A spare tire goes for $20 itself, and the glove compartment door would have been $25. So I think it's safe to say we got a good deal. But it came at a risk... a risk that we'd be killed in the boonies.

Came back to my house and installed some of the things, then went to the Toyota dealer to get even more parts. We got some more engine parts off and were able to clean them off a bit. When our parts come in tomorrow and Wednesday, we'll put everything back on Thursday.

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